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Whether you are a beginner or experienced cook we will have a class to suit you.   The emphasis is on having fun and learning something new at the same time.   All you have to do is turn up and we will do everything else – provide the equipment, the food and the expertise!

Each lesson lasts about 2 hours and then you will sit down and eat what you have prepared together with a glass of wine!  All of the recipes from the class will be available for you to keep.

If you would like to book our children’s classes then please go to the Little Bites page  http://jerichokitchen.co.uk/little-bites/

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Crete: A Modern Food Story, 5000 years old! with Rosemary Barron – Sunday 10th July 2016 @ 5pm


Today, it’s hard to avoid mention of the ‘Mediterranean diet’ in the health and food media, but what exactly is it? And is it really good for us? The original study that gave rise to the expression took place on the Greek island of Crete, nearly 70 years ago. Cretan foods and dishes are colourful, seasonal, joyous, full of flavour and rarely without plenty of olive oil. Meals are invariably shared: they begin with a fine array of small dishes (mezedes), continue with a main course that doesn’t spoil if it needs to wait awhile, and finish with fresh fruit and cheese, or something lusciously sweet.

In this course, we’ll discover how to taste olive oil, cook with it and make mayonnaise, a sauce of Greek antiquity. We’ll also uncover the secrets of the healthy Cretan diet, learn how to adapt it to our advantage, and create together a classic Cretan table of mezedes, oven-baked lamb and little rice puddings.


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Ayervedic Diet 2016

An introduction to the Ayurvedic diet with Anica Brkinjac (part I) – Sunday 31st July 2016 @1pm


In this introduction to Ayurvedic nutrition we will learn how to use herbs and spices to improve your health.  There will be a demonstration of some simple and easy recipes for digestion, energy and mind (including digestive drinks, infusions).  Part II will be on Sunday 11th September where we will look further into each persons’ individual balancing foods.  More information to follow shortly.

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Two Bears Bakery

Mastering Sourdough – Bread making with Simon Bellamy – Sunday 7th August 2016 @ 1pm


We are very excited to announce that Simon Bellamy of Two Bears Bakery right in here in Oxford is going to be sharing his expertise and knowledge of making the perfect sourdough!

This 3-hour class will be split into two parts, in the first 90 minutes we will be developing a new dough from a pre-prepared sponge and then the second 90 minutes we will be working with pre-prepared dough, and cooking it.  This structure allows a number of 15-ish minute gaps for discussion points on various aspects of the preparation and wider points on ingredients and technique.

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The Italian Vegetarian with Mariella Bliss – Monday 8th August 2016 @ 6pm


We all know the benefits of vegetarian food so why not let Mariella guide you through some classic Italian dishes that even the most die-hard meat eaters couldn’t resist!

Will create dishes such as Parmigiana di melenzane, peperonata, Torta Pasqualina, frittata with broad beans, mint and Feta, Risotto with superb Sagrantino wine, Spinach Pesto, roasted courgettes and the most delicious fried nibbles: artichokes, sage and courgette flowers. We will end our meal with a quick and fresh Mango Sorbet and a glass of something Italian!

Definitely one not to miss!

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Ayervedic Diet 2016

The Ayurvedic Diet with Anica Brkinjac (part II) – Sunday 11th September 2016 @1pm


In the second part of this course we will look further into how to balance your diet diet as well as the 6 tastes (sweet, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent).

Learn how to choose the right taste to balance yourself and therefore stay focused, be calmer, manage irritability etc. This class will also include a short lecture and food demonstration and sampling (more information to follow shortly).

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Cheesemaking with Louise Talbot – Sunday 18th September 2016 @ 1.30pm


This four hour class is a good mix of demonstration and hands-on and we’ll make halloumi, mascarpone and mozzarella cheese and butter, using raw farm or Supermarket milk, vegetarian rennet and basic kitchen equipment as well as tea and homemade cake – served with warm freshly made mascarpone!

You’ll also receive a folder of recipes and theory – you do need to understand the science of turning milk into cheese! Fun, relaxed and informative, these classes are a total immersion in all things cheese and dairy and include a cheesy competition and quiz! You’ll take home a selection of the cheese/butter and leave with the skills and knowledge required to make a wide range of cheese, with techniques and tips for hard cheeses explained.

Cheese kits (£30) will be available for purchase for those who’d like to get started at home straight away!


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