Our Classes

Whether you are a beginner or experienced cook we will have a class to suit you.   The emphasis is on having fun and learning something new at the same time.   All you have to do is turn up and we will do everything else – provide the equipment, the food and the expertise!

Each lesson lasts about 2 hours and then you will sit down and eat what you have prepared together with a glass of wine!  All of the recipes from the class will be available for you to keep.

If you would like to book our children’s classes then please go to the Little Bites page  http://jerichokitchen.co.uk/little-bites/

To book online, simply ‘add to basket’ on the event you require below. To continue with your purchase, click on the shopping basket, top right. Do please contact us with any queries!

Our kitchen is currently located at:

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Simply – Pasta – Ravioli, Tortellini & Cappelletti with Mariella Bliss – Thursday 3rd November 2016 @ 6.30pm


After our first class at the Turl Street Kitchen in Oxford we just wanted to come back.  So, we are rolling out 3 more classes.   In our second class  join us and experience Mariella’s amazing welcoming apertivo platter to keep you going whilst we learn how to make pasta from scratch but this time concentrate on the more specific skills of making Ravioli, Cappelletti and Tortellini to name just a few.

Listen to the story of the perfect marriage between pasta shapes and sauces. This class creates the most authentic Italian atmosphere…accent included!

We will finish the class with a glass of wine and a chance to ask Mariella any questions!

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Vietnamese Street Food with Vy Pettit – Friday 11th November 2016 @ 6pm


We are so pleased to be able to hold our first class at Barefoot in Walton Street.  For this we have asked Vy of a Taste of Vietnam to join us.   If you have ever visited the Summertown Farmers’ Market then you will know of Vy and her fabulous stall.

In this 2  hour class you will learn how to make fresh and fried rolls including  gỏi cuốn (fresh rolls) with two filling options: pork, chicken, prawn and/or tofu – the one for vegans!  Or Chả giò (Fried Rolls) again with pork and mushroom filling or sweet corn and vegetables.   Of course we will also be making several kinds of dipping sauces to go with each .

The rolls are rice based, so they are a tasty and healthy starter for a dinner party or for a light bites lunch or snack. Get booking as we think that this course is going to sell out fast!

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Trattoria 2016

The Italian Trattoria with Mariella Bliss – Sunday 13th November 2016 @ 11am


A trattoria is a small, simple, classless ‘local’ restaurant. Therefore, Italian trattoria food is the most honest, simple and typical of Italy: fresh home made pasta, locally produced cheeses and cured meat, traditional soups, seafood dishes and country bread!

This course will take you through Italy stopping in Genova for Pansoti (filled pasta) with walnut sauce, in Siena for Bruschette and Cannellini beans, in Naples for Peperonata, in Sicily for Pasta alla Norma (pasta with aubergines, pomodorini and salty ricotta), in Sardinia for Pane Frattau (music sheet bread with tomatoes and eggs), in Rome for Saltimbocca (chicken or veal with sage and Parma ham) and the most decadent Panna Cotta!

Perfect for enabling you to go home and create a fabulous feast for friends and family!


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Mariella 2

Simply – how to make Foccacia & Ciabatta! with Mariella Bliss – Thursday 17th November 2016 @ 6.30pm


Again, come and join us at The Turl Street Kitchen in Oxford to learn the art of our most basic but enjoyed food – bread!   Mariella has been successfully baking and selling focaccia and ciabatta for over ten years. Come and learn the secret of Italian bread making using a biga starter or handling a very wet dough for light but fully flavoured bread. The menu includes focaccia, ciabatta, schiacciata with grapes and vin santo, breadsticks and more.

If you want to make bread then this is the best £50 you will ever spend!

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French pastries

French Pastries with Paul Bellchambers – Sunday 20th November 2016 @ 11am


We all love the French patisserie shops when we visit France. My favourite is the Flan Patissier, essentially an egg custard with vanilla on a soft pastry base, delicious with a mid-morning coffee. The delightful fruit tartlet with fresh fruits on a bed of patisserie cream, beautiful to look at and oh so succulent to eat. Then sweet pastry providing a case for frangipane and apples, or other fruits, to make a sophisticated apple tart. All this above the croissant and other French patisserie creations that we love but are not sure how to do in our own kitchens. We will try out the pastry, the cream and more to have a go at these amazing recipes.

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Yukiko Food 1

Daily Delicious Japanese! with Yukiko Milne – Sunday 27th November 2016 @ 11am


We are very excited to welcome Yukiko as our resident Japanese cuisine expert!  In the first of her classes she will teach you the basics of Japanese home cooking and dispel the myth that it is a difficult cuisine to master.  All the recipes will be able to be prepared at home and with ingredients that you can get from any supermarket.

To start we will be preparing Futomaki Sushi rolls with various fillings including chicken breasts with vegetable stuffing and stuffed aubergine rolls.  We will also learn how to make authentic oriental dressings and prepare several traditional salads.
Hopefully the first of many classes at The Jericho Kitchen!

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Canapes for Christmas 2016

Festive Canapes! with Mariella Bliss – Sunday 4th December 2016 @ 11am


Everybody loves these little bites typical of an ‘Italian Aperitivo’! Have fun with us matching flavours and textures and make more than 10 different canapés to brighten up your own party: Mini Soups, Spelt and Pomegranate salads, Mini Pannacotta, Raviolo Fritto, Prosciutto di Parma and Figs, Toasted Rosemary Almonds, Mini  Arancini, Courgette Wraps, Parmesan crisps andTofu lollipops… Are you ready to party?

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Vietnamese Street Food with Vy Pettit – Sunday 15th January 2017 @ 11am


What better to start the new year with wonderfully colourful and tasty class.  This will be Vy’s second class with the Jericho Kitchen – the fresh ingredients and healthy aspect of this cuisine is proving very popular!

In this 2,5 hour class you will learn how to make fresh and fried rolls including two kinds of rolls: gỏi cuốn (fresh rolls) with two filling options: pork +prawn and tofu one for vegan Chả giò (Fried Rolls) again with pork and mushroom filling or sweet corn and vegetables.   Of course we will also be making several kinds of dipping sauces to go with each .

The rolls are rice based, so they are a tasty and healthy starter for a dinner party or for a light bites lunch or snack. Get booking as we think that this course is going to sell out fast!

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Lebanese Dinner Party with Sara Nasser – Sunday 22nd January 2017 @ 11am


For those of you how have visited Elham’s Lebanese Deli in Little Clarendon Street, Oxford and sampled their exquisite food you know how exciting it is for us to have Sara coming along to share some family secrets about how to make the perfect Lebanese meal!
We will master the art of making tabbouleh & baba ghanouj, a main of stuffed meaty vine leaves with lamb chops and for dessert a mixed nut baklava with homemade orange blossom syrup. We think that this is going to be an extremely popular class so book quickly!!

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Cheesemaking with Louise Talbot – Sunday 12th February 2017 @ 12.30pm


We pleased to welcome back Louise to her 3rd class at the school.  Every class so far being completely sold out – it is that good!

This four hour class is a good mix of demonstration and hands-on and we’ll make halloumi, mascarpone and mozzarella cheese and butter, using raw farm or Supermarket milk, vegetarian rennet and basic kitchen equipment as well as tea and homemade cake – served with warm freshly made mascarpone!

You’ll also receive a folder of recipes and theory – you do need to understand the science of turning milk into cheese! Fun, relaxed and informative, these classes are a total immersion in all things cheese and dairy and include a cheesy competition and quiz! You’ll take home a selection of the cheese/butter and leave with the skills and knowledge required to make a wide range of cheese, with techniques and tips for hard cheeses explained.

Cheese kits (£30) will be available for purchase for those who’d like to get started at home straight away!


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