Spice Routes and Saffron Kingdoms with Sumayya Usmani – Saturday 27th January 2018, 11am – 2pm


Join cookbook author and teacher Sumayya Usmani to discover the undiscovered flavours of both North Pakistan, touched by Central Asia, Persia and Afghanistan, right down to the South of Pakistan, where ancient civilisations thrived and emperors reigned.

The flavours are varied, from simple fresh herbs, light spice to heavy aromatic regal cooking. We will learn a selection of recipes from Sumayya’s second cookbook Mountain Berries and Desert Spice: Sweet Inspirations from the Hunza Valley to the Arabian Sea, which maps the dessert culture of Pakistan plus some unreleased North Pakistani recipes from her recent travels to the land of the Hindu Kush, Himalayas and Karakoram ranges.

Come hungry – our menu is as follows:

  • Mughal Qabooli biryani – split gram lentil and saffron biryani
  • Chitrali Mishi – black pea peas with a cream, walnut and coriander topped and walnut oil fried onions
  • Spiced and herbed squash and sweet potato flatbreads
  • Chambrough – Stewed Hunza apricots with toasted kernels and whipped rose cream
  • Rice flour pancakes with black cardamom and black poppy seeds
  • Himalayan pink salted green tea


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