BBQ cooking Classes

Cooking on fire, or open fire cookery

Cooking on fire, or open fire cookery, is an increasingly popular food experience in the UK. These classes offer participants a chance to connect with ancient cooking methods and enjoy a unique and communal way of preparing food. Here’s an overview of what our class typically looks like and what to expect on the day.

We are very lucky to have the extremely talented Cat Rochefort, who trained at Leiths Cookery School in London and currently teaches at 2 other schools in Sussex and Surrey, to lead these fun, informative and relaxed classes.

Arrive on the day to a welcoming brew and a run through of events with Cat. Meet the staff and enjoy the venue, a converted 19th barn in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside.

We provide everything for you – the ingredients, aprons, recipe packs and the confidence of knowing that after the class you will leave armed with all the knowledge to recreate this at home on your own BBQ.

After 2 ½ hours you will sit down around our convivial table and enjoy the fruits of your labour with your new friends. It is a great chance to chat and ask Cat as many questions as you like before heading home with a head full of ideas!

Overview of Fire Cookery Classes

Cooking on Fire classes usually take place outdoors and teach participants how to cook using open flame (wood and charcoal), embers, and traditional techniques such as smoking, grilling and slow cooking. These classes cover a range of skills, including:

  • Building and Managing a Fire: Learn how to start a fire using various methods, maintain the fire, and control its temperature for different cooking needs.
  • Cooking Techniques: Use different parts of the fire (flames, coals, embers) for various types of cooking such as roasting, baking, boiling and grilling.
  • Cooking Equipment: Understand and use traditional cookware like cast iron pots, griddles, skewers, and makeshift tools.
  • Food Preparation: Prep ingredients that work well with open fire cooking, such as marinating meats, preparing doughs and handling fresh produce.

Appeal of Fire Cookery Classes

The rising popularity of these classes can be attributed to several factors:

  • Reconnecting with Nature: Many people are seeking ways to disconnect from technology and urban life, finding solace and adventure in nature.
  • Food Heritage: There is a growing interest in traditional cooking methods and heritage foods that offer a taste of history and simplicity; we use lots of local farm produce, including game from 10 minutes up the road as well as the best quality vegetables from Worthy Earth,which has no-dig allotments at Blenheim Palace and Bletchingdon in Oxfordshire.
  • Community and Experience: These classes often foster a sense of community and teamwork, as participants work together to build fires and prepare meals.

Notable Fire Cookery Classes in the UK

In June 2024 The Telegraph Newspaper rated us of one of the top 15 Cooking on Fire Cookery classes in the UK.


Cooking on fire cookery classes provide a unique and enriching experience that blends food skills with outdoor adventure. Whether foraging for wild ingredients, mastering the art of fire building or simply enjoying the camaraderie of communal cooking, these classes offer something for everyone. As interest in sustainable living and traditional practices grows, so too does the appeal of learning to cook on an open flame in the great outdoors.