So after a year away from my blog I have decided it is time to return and see if this is a more effective way of spreading the word from the roof tops to all and sundry who will listen about what was my crystalising moment yesterday with regards to fermented foods!

Never an easy one to sell to people so because I had an interest but never actually put it into practice I thought I would attend my first class at my cookery school Thank goodness I did my Eureka moment!

The wonderfully knowledgeable Simon Poffley who has written a book on the subject entitled ?Ferment, Pickle, Dry? and who runs classes in London at The Fermentarium was our teacher. One of his opening quotes of the class that pulled me in straight away ?Hippocrates made this statement over two thousand years ago and it is truer today than ever – All Disease Begins In The Gut? and who is going to argue with that, I immediately wanted to know more.

We have become so disjointed from food busy lives don’t always enable us to take the time to do what we know we should or maybe more importantly to change enjoy doing! However I will say that to make 2 large Kilner jars of Kimchi would only take you about 20 minutes to make and would cost you about ?2! So for the sake of 20 minutes you could be filling your body with thousands of good friendly bacteria that would help you start repairing from the inside within 3 weeks! Not only that but it tastes amazing. If you taste a deli/supermarket variety it just doesn’t compare. Homemade is crunchy, fresh and of course tailored to your exact taste.

I wish I could get as many people as possible to at least look into this and its health benefits. At the bottom of this blog I have listed 3 books which I have found to be inspiring and might inspire you too!

We are holding the following classes (so far there will be more) in 2018 that you might be interested in that will absolutely bring this to life for you!

You will leave with actual ferments, a good sound basic knowledge of what to do next and how to prepare countless different types of foods but also knowing that Simon and Anna are at the end of an email for any further questions invaluable?


Dairy Ferments with Anna Drazdova Sunday 25th February 2018 @ 1.30pm

Sourdough Bread making with Simon Poffley Sunday 11th March 2018 @ 11am

Food Fermentation with Simon Poffley Sunday 13th May 2018 @11am


To book just visit


Want to learn more?. If you are still reading, GREAT!

The bodily process of digestion and absorption is one of the most important to our health.

  • Throat and nose issues (clearing throat, runny nose, etc.)
  • Acid reflux
  • Gas/bloating
  • Inflammation
  • Skin disorders
  • Negative reactions to food
  • Constipation

Today we are challenged from so many directions – lifestyle and diet, deficient?intestinal flora, stress,?toxic chemicals?in our food/water/environment, alcohol consumption and frequent use of antibiotics all deplete our healthy supply of beneficial enzymes and bacteria. This allows disease to take hold beginning with yeast strains. Supplementing with?friendly bacteria?help keep harmful bacteria from multiplying in our intestines.

Poor digestion could eventually cause one’s health to break down. Some examples of this breakdown are listed below:

  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Food and general allergies
  • Autism
  • Chronic viral infections
  • Hepatitis
  • Biliary disease
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Eczema
  • Mental illnes
  • The trend of mental illness is particularly disturbing and related to enzyme deficiencies. Another study?examined the effects of lifestyle?including diet?on mental health, and found that diet is a crucial factor in overall mental health.

I hope you enjoyed this piece and would love to hear back from you if you have tried this and had success, tried this and had problems or are just interested in learning more. I really want 2018 to be a happy and healthy one for you all and this is a great way to start.


Great reading on the subject!

Ferment Pickle Dry Simon Poffley and Gab Smolinka-Poffley

Wild Fermentation Sandor Ellis Katz

The Clever Guts Diet: How to revolutionise your body from the inside out Michael Mosley