I think you have to be ever so slightly mad to run your own business! A little bit of madness is good for you, isn’t it?!

If I look back even over the last 2 months, if I had known the journey would I have taken it, probably not! However, I have and although it has been filled at times with sleepless nights and general fear of making mistakes that don’t just affect you but countless others I am so glad that I did!

As some of you will know I took on a venue in Jericho with Mariella Bliss as a temporary ?lets try it on for size and see? experiment. The venue has been ours and will be ours until we hand back the keys to the landlady when she starts her renovation of the property this spring.So will we go back there once this is complete, who knows? I hope so. All I do know is that you have your product that you totally believe in and a water-tight business plan but without good people around you who you can trust and who have the experience to make the right decisions at the right time then good luck!

I have loved this experience, it is so interesting to see how each person reacts to a very different space than the one we use in Warborough which is all brand spanking new and all singing and all dancing. Oh with the gold ticket of parking… (Oxford decision makers – please make parking easier for us business folk?.) ?The Jericho venue is the complete opposite rustic, a mish mash of mine and Mariella?s personal belongings that mean everything to us and it was absolutely freezing cold, although now thankfully not so now as we have solved the heating problem!

However it is ours and we can do whatever we like it? yes we have even run up and down the venue pretending to do interval training and then tucking into a pizza that Mariella has just thrown together.. yes madness you see, it is good!

As from some point in April I will return to the lush countryside of Oxfordshire and set up shop again there in Warborough. I will still hold the ?Simply? classes in Barefoot in Walton Street the bread, pasta and sushi so if you don’t have a car then we still have options for you. The journey from Oxford to Warborough isn’t that bad, there is a bus (to Reading) every hour and the walk from the bus stop to the school is about 10 minutes, quite pleasant on a summer day! Many people have done this and remarked how they enjoyed a visit to the Six Bells on the green afterwards to reflect on the day.

So, it is a follow us and see what happens over the next year. There are lots of exciting things in the pipeline for both choices that are open to us here at The Jericho Kitchen. I hope you are enjoying sharing the journey with us, our followers and facebook and instagram are growing daily so we must be doing something right.

Thank you to all who have walked through the doors of our school, to those who have enabled others to and to those who will! Emma x


p.s. If you haven’t heard about us yet we are a young, vibrant and enthusiastic cookery school who opened its doors in January 2015. Our ethos is simple we love good food and want to share our passion for it with everyone. Our classes vary from children?s cookery classes (5 years upwards) to Food Fermentation, Tapas, Lebanese, Cheese and bread making to name but a few. All our teachers are highly experienced and skilled teachers who share our love for imparting knowledge through informative but more importantly fun classes. jerichokitchen.co.uk