This hobby is turning into a business..


I had the best advice I have ever received from anyone this year about the Jericho Kitchen and it was harsh! Apparently my face fell, literally, on hearing it. It was a freezing cold afternoon in February this year and I was sitting in my own venue in Jericho feeling out of this world about [...]

This hobby is turning into a business..2017-12-31T16:16:14+00:00

What makes you buy a class at the Jericho Kitchen?


I am intrigued about this question. Obviously if I knew the answer then I could stop work forever but I don't and therefore I am on a mission to find out. Is it the location Is it the content of the course Is it the teacher Was it a present How can I encourage people [...]

What makes you buy a class at the Jericho Kitchen?2017-05-11T15:20:33+00:00

Never ever a dull moment… just rolling with the punches!


I think you have to be ever so slightly mad to run your own business! A little bit of madness is good for you, isn't it?! If I look back even over the last 2 months, if I had known the journey would I have taken it, probably not! However, I have and although it [...]

Never ever a dull moment… just rolling with the punches!2017-02-21T11:02:17+00:00

Merry Christmas Everyone!


It has been a while.... However I finally feel that there is something of interest to share with you all! After a year of working away at my dream I am extremely pleased to announce that Mariella Bliss Italian Food and myself are joining forces in January 2017 and have secured a building for a [...]

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“… il tuo destino” – it is your destiny!


Strangely enough this sentence has resonated through my life from various people. My first horoscope reading back in the early 90's in Fyfield in this amazingly creative room. I remember it as though it was yesterday - full of books, little light but candles everywhere, deep blues and gold colours everywhere, sat around a huge [...]

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Inspiration from looking at a building site!


It has been a long time since I felt inspired to spill my thoughts out onto a blank page and share them with you all. However, today I was utterly inspired! An 11am meeting at the Marketing Suite of the Westgate Shopping Centre and the ever-so-enthusiastic Tracey Mills of Davis Coffer Lyons, who are responsible [...]

Inspiration from looking at a building site!2016-02-03T19:01:13+00:00

Small fish in a big pond


Never let it be said that I give up easily, because I don't! Look I am 10 months down the line from the initial idea of opening my own cookery school. I have an amazing temporary kitchen just outside Oxford and I have tried to fill courses to the numbers that allow them to run [...]

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Less than 100 days!


Christmas 2015 I absolutely love Christmas. It is without doubt one of my favourite times of the year and although I probably won't be saying that on Boxing Day, I will be super excited from now until the day! So in keeping with this, we at the Jericho Kitchen have come up with some suitably [...]

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Slow Food what is it to me


Last night I attended the second meeting of the newly formed Slow Food Oxford. We met in one of my many local pubs in Jericho this time The Rickety Press which some of you might remember was affectionately named 'The Raddy' -back in the day when it was less gentrified and offered you a Sunday [...]

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