People have tried, and tried really hard (Caroline Casey!) to have a market in Jericho but it seems we are battling something that is harder than climbing Everest finding a venue

There has been one in St Barnabas church and a possible venue in FREVDS but to date nothing has been finalised and set. For it to work we badly need to have a venue on the main drag of Walton Street or just off it so that it can be seen. Not only that, but the extra footfall would benefit all the superb independents that we have on Walton Street Walton Street Cycles, Illyria Pottery, Casa Rosa, the Phoenix cinema to name a few.

With our local councillors of both North, Summertown & Jericho/Osney wards behind promoting the new Jericho Quarter wouldn’t it be fantastic to incorporate a regular farmer’s market within it As a local who has explored every inch of Jericho, I see how much space there is that is either not used or belongs to the University. I have written to a very friendly named community@ email address at the University but as yet no response!

With property prices going through the roof and the new boat yard development Jericho is going to continue to be more and more of a desirable place for people to migrate towards. However it needs to keep its heart in the community that has been there since (and this is not that long ago) Walton Street was a red light district and considered to be a dangerous place to go at night! ! !

Even in my 15 years (not that long in comparison to many) the change has been incredible. So, even though I don’t necessarily have much in common with the folk who live in the gated complex at the end of my road and just whizz past me in huge cars, more suited to the countryside, I think they have a valid place within the community. We need everyone to get involved and support this idea so we can bring new and old together to enjoy what is, without doubt, the best community spirit I have ever known.

I will continue to search for a space and try and get this off the ground but if any of you have any ideas or knowledge that you can impart to make this happen then please do get in touch. Thank you! Emma x