Allotments, wild meadows, foraging and walking barefoot – keeping pace with nature – all doable in 2021! ! ! !


Every year I sit down to write something to you all and every year it is so easy but this year it has taken me 4 hours to even start writing!

Frustrated and confused by 2020 and where we were going with the jericho kitchen has been a constant, as we have probably all experienced trying to continue with our previous lives in this current situation has been near on impossible!

So…. instead of moving into 2021 continuing this pattern – I found a new one, a new vibration and one that was there all the time. Nature! I am going to go at her pace and with her rules.

We have taken on several allotments in order to grow our own vegetables, herbs and fruit? and will be regenerating a space that will have a wild meadow, outdoor seating, fire pits and medicinal plants for our foraging and wildcrafting classes – a kind of wellness area where we will encourage everything from earthing (walking barefoot – look up the benefits! ! ! to foraging and making your own specific tonics and balms using only what nature supplies at that time of year!

Immunity will be continue to be a strong focus – after 2020 we all need nourishing and looking after just that little bit more. We will be focusing on gut health too – the benefits of which are felt in so many different ways including mental well being. Add nature to the equation and the benefits of being outside in the fresh air means a heady concoction of happiness and well being!

Of course as soon as we can get back into the kitchen we will – we have lots of classes waiting to happen but only when it is safe and people feel ready.

I want to thank those of you who have continued to support the jericho kitchen this year… your patience has been insane – stopping, starting, stopping, starting again, stopping again! ! ! ! ! HOWEVER we are here to stay and the beauty of our business model is that we can take these hits and just keep low for a bit and then bounce back when we are allowed.

Then there are all the hundreds of people that have signed up to our mailing list this year – waiting for the right time to come along and join us – thank you and we can’t wait to meet you! !

Keep it simple moving into 2021 at least then the disappointment bar is really low only to be pleasantly surprised by the smallest most wonderful thing!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and bring on 2021 and seeing you all again – oh being able to shake hands and hug those of you whom we have missed so very much! !

love Emma