It is a weird situation that I am in – and also many of my like-minded friends who are trying to establish a new business. Unless you are lucky enough to have money thrown at you then you are probably going to be in the same predicament. You have to have the full-time job in order to finance the dream but then that leaves you with little or no time to pursue the dream! ! I question myself sometimes and think – am I mad to try and fit all this into my life Questioning oneself along the way must be par for the course but does this just detract from ‘making it happen’

It is hard work doing it alone. I have had people dip in and out helping here and there and expressing enthusiasm but at the end of the day they have all long gone and so it is up to me to make this happen. The saying no man is an island is so true, I miss having the interaction and bouncing ideas off another person but at the end of the day, it is simple no one but me has the enthusiasm for the Jericho Kitchen to make the dream a reality.

So I made a decision. That decision is that I am going to start thinking on a smaller scale to enable at least one of the hundreds of ideas in my head to actually come to fruition. My first goal for September is to hold two very simple classes. These will be held in Warborough so that we can share this amazing space (see below! – I can tell you, having ate at that table many times, that diming those lights and enjoying the fruits of your labour is the perfect end of an evening! ! I am busy deciding what the first two classes should be but by the end of August I will have them on the website ready for you all to purchase!

All in all this has been a very cathartic piece for me – thank you for listening! Emma x