Strangely enough this sentence has resonated through my life from various people. My first horoscope reading back in the early 90’s in Fyfield in this amazingly creative room. I remember it as though it was yesterday – full of books, little light but candles everywhere, deep blues and gold colours everywhere, sat around a huge table with a lady called Kiki. I remember being disappointed? when I was handed my chart that contained ?the finger of God? very auspicious apparently and being told that I wouldn’t find what I was looking for until my mid to late 40’s when I would find my destiny and then I would shine! Imagine being 22 years old and thinking bit of a wait then…

Then my love of Italy was founded through a mis-matched relationship with a certain Italian, with whom I am still close friends with to this day and whom is in fact very much part of this journey with me and the Jericho Kitchen. Destino is used a lot in the Italian language of love and of course that also closely involves food! ?The seed of thought was sown at this point and has now finally found it way above ground to be a new shoot that is the my cookery school!

The last year has been very much been doing the ground work as such. Lots of social media, lots of talking to people, lots of risks! And a whole load of belief that despite certain obstacles it would happen. Now that the foundations are strong and we know we are moving forward we will also be launching our new rebranded look in the next couple of weeks. Thank you to Emily & Frazier at Barefoot Kitchen for the recommendation!

Recently joining us is Rosemary Barron who has written prolifically on all things Greek and is a mine of information as she set up a cookery school in San Francisco back in the 1980’s. She is joining us for the class on Sunday 10th July – Crete: A Modern Food Story, 5000 years!

Louise Talbot from Cutting the Curd Cheesemaking in Dorset? and who is also a World Cheese Awards Global Cheese Awards and Great Taste judge with be joining us on Sunday 15th May for a class? Cheese & Butter Making.

Ericka Bennett from Sweet Fancies here in Oxford is the third and final new recruit who has agreed to join us. She will be specialising in all things cake based. Not only that but she will be teaching us bread, pastry and a class that is entitled Showstopper! We are finalising dates at the moment but if you feel inspired by the Great British Bake Off this lady is going to take you to the next step!

We are taking our time because we want to build up a list of more unusual classes that are not currently being offered here in Oxford. So for now we have the following classes why not take a look at our website and see for yourself?!


Sunday 19th March @ 4pm – Vegetarian Street Food – Medhi Tavakoli

Sunday 3rd April @ 4pm – Persian Kitchen BBQ – Medhi Tavakoli

Sunday 17th April @ 4pm – Mumbai Street Food – Kashmira Patel

Wednesday 20th April @4pm – Bread & Gnocchi – Ursula Ferrigno

Sunday 8th May @ 4pm – Introduction to Pulses & Dahls – Kashmira Patel

Sunday 15th May @ 1.30pm – Cheese & Butter Making – Louise Talbot

Sunday 12th June @ 12 noon – Tamarind Summers – Sumayya Usmani

Sunday 10th July @ 5pm – Crete A Modern Food Story – Rosemary Barron