We often wonder how you choose your classes, is it the food or is it the teacher both options are equally important! So over the coming weeks we are going to introduce you to all our teachers and give you a bit more info on each of them to help you decide whether a class with that particular teacher would suit you!

When I first met Daisy I had no idea what she looked like! We met in Jericho and as soon as I walked in I knew instinctively who she was and that we would get on. Enthusiastic beyond belief, bubbly, great laugh and the ability to make you feel as though you have known her for years!

If you look at Daisy’s Instagram page you will immediately feel the same thing, her food photography makes your mouth water and the informative witty lines underneath explain it all she makes it look easy. https://www.instagram.com/daisycooksabit/?hl=en

However we know that it isn’t! Daisy has 5 children and cooks with passion and joy and this is why we are going to call her classes ?From Daisy?s Kitchen?. Straight forward, seasonal and local (where possible! Great fun cooking and easy to replicate at home.

So if you fancy something like her classic Spring pasta vibes dish and in her own words! ! ! ! ?asparagus, pea, ribbon courgette, a rude amount of garlic, white wine, cr?me fraiche, egg yolk, Parmesan and fresh mint. Nice! ! ? You want to make it, don’t you?!

So for those of you who haven’t met Daisy yet we thought we would let Daisy describe herself! ! !

Experience so far: 20 years of home cooking for large family! Self-taught until Leiths 2017. Petersham Nurseries at Wilderness Festival.Events with Native Feasts.

Favourite Kitchen Item: My knife! ! ! Don’t have any gadgets really! ! My mum’s old magimix is as glam as my kitchen goes ?

Inspired by: At the moment it’s Diana Henry! ! I adore her books.Her food is heavenly yet straightforward.To be honest I?m inspired by pretty much anyone who cooks because I just love food! ! !

Best food memory: Pasta and tomato sauce in a hostel in Florence – I remember being amazed at how ludicrously tasty something so simple could be – I was 17.
Lunch with my parents in the hills of Provence at a restaurant called Le Petit Fontaine – the restaurant was packed inside and out, brimming with hunters.There were at least five courses of beyond delicious rustic, locally sourced food.The main feature being a Daube, the meat melted in the mouth and deep, dark flavourful sauce clung to a mound of pasta ?! Delicious tarts for pudding and fantastic cheese made by the proprietor to finish! ! I want to go back!

Guilty Food Pleasure: Fish fingers, buttery mash and peas and ketchup.

Final meal: Spaghetti Bolognese! ! ! !

Favourite drink: Can’t go wrong with a Gin & Tonic.Love red wine.Tonight I?m going out and I’m going to try a Negroni – so who knows! This could become my signature hangover drink?.

All of Daisy’s Kitchen classes will be up on the website from this Wednesday, 11th April 2018. Daisy is running a Traditional British class on Sunday 29th April and there are 4 places still left… To see all the delicious details and to book visit click here!

Our next teacher feature will be.. Ursula Ferrigno! !