Last night I attended the second meeting of the newly formed Slow Food Oxford.

We met in one of my many local pubs in Jericho this time The Rickety Press which some of you might remember was affectionately named ‘The Raddy’ -back in the day when it was less gentrified and offered you a Sunday lunch for ?5 oh how times have changed!

What a shame that we can’t experience good food for less and not pay £13 for a pizza that, let’s face it, probably costs about £2 to make! In Europe there is an explosion of Slow Food restaurants cropping up in people’s home providing just that good quality, locally produced food for a snip compared to UK pubs and restaurants.

It became clear very quickly that all of us around this table know too well what Slow Food is all about but we need to make it accessible to more people. Demystifing all behind that of our friendly snail logo!

So we are planning events to do just that. Whether it is tours of local farms, a market with taste experiences for children or hopefully a Harvest Festival type event based around the apple season coming up. Basically we want to encourage people to come and see what we are all about, no hard sell don’t worry, just enjoy a day out and have some fun with food at the same time.

I know there are so many worthy causes at the moment but I feel that it is great to be able to do something positive that not only benefits your own wellbeing, but brings people together in some sort of community sense.

My Slow Food is about finding just one person who I can convince to love seasonal, local food more than their average, bland supermarket counterpart it is that simple.

If you would like to know more then please do email me on or follow us facebook.

Happy eating! Emma x