Never let it be said that I give up easily, because I don’t! Look I am 10 months down the line from the initial idea of opening my own cookery school. I have an amazing temporary kitchen just outside Oxford and I have tried to fill courses to the numbers that allow them to run but unfortunately I am not quite there yet – I am still that small fish.

I know, it takes time to build up what seems so easy, so simple to achieve at the idea stage. Behind the scenes I feel that I have set my feet in good foundations. Although I am doing this ?alone? I truly never feel alone. Oxford is small and people/friends are loyal to those who are also struggling to set up as independents. I am not trying to change Oxford single-handedly; I am one of many newly formed businesses who against all odds truly believe that they can do something despite the big fish circling above us.

You see I have another opportunity that has been given to me that would complement my business perfectly and enable me to get myself out there? so much more than delivering flyers, posting pictures all over facebook, twitter and Instagram. However, it is a risk and it very success is so intrinsically combined with the loyalty of those who hold the ‘independents. banner in their hands.

I have asked MANY people about whether my decision is a wise one and each time I get a negative answer I find my holding my corner and justifying it with what they seem to think is utter madness or is it just my blind faith in utterly believing I can make this work

I guess what I am trying to say is that I think everyone that takes their balls in their hands and makes the leap to try something that they believe in and swims against the tide and those big fish in it should feel a sense of achievement, even if it does take longer and is that little bit harder!

So I would like to thank the following people for being genuinely fabulous and supportive of this particular little fish! X

Miles James (for putting up with this 24/7)

Matt Todd

Jane Ellingworth

Becky Craven

Maggie Donaldson

Caroline Casey