Throw another problem at me I can deal with it. In fact this week someone said to me that they wished they had my ‘gladiator spirit’.

This journey really has been an eye-opening into my own strengths and weaknesses and has questioned me at every turn. In fact I would recommend to all start up your own business because actually it is one of the most rewarding things you can do and you find strengths you didn’t know that you had in you!

I feel inspired by others who are doing it and doing it well! Just look at the turnaround of Bunters Deli in Hayfield Road, Oxford into the Hayfield Road Deli at the skilful hands of Mehdi behind the helm. Or Medley MangeTout, a beautiful pop-up caf? on Medley Manor Farm, Oxford selling the most delicious food under its tented roof in idyll surroundings.

Oxford has so much potential still to unlock in terms of new businesses trying to push their way through the traditional or quite frankly bland shopping centre that we possess. Why can’t we be more like Bristol and have lines of quirky streets containing interesting, independent and inexpensive shops?

Here’s hoping that the people behind the Jericho Boat Yard will do something ?interesting? there a perfect place to set an example to the rest of Oxford. You venture just outside Oxford and you have businesses like The Milk Shed ( or my absolute favourite Worton Organic Cafe (www. doing just that, sticking to what they believe in and keeping it totally original at the same time.

So thank you to all out there who continue to support me and my ideals and to those of you who might?want to get?involved in some way in the future do get in touch! x