We need you…

Please support us hard working independents! !


I guess we all know it was going to happen… For so many of us independent businesses and the hospitality sector it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Not just because we were starting to emerge from the the first lockdown – it takes months to gain trust from people to come out again but more so because it is coming up to the time of year when we all pray for a prosperous Christmas for our businesses.

So, whilst we all have to shut shop for 4 weeks – please could I ask you all consider doing one thing this year when you start thinking about Christmas presents….. please support a local business! ! !

Of course I am going to say that the jericho kitchen gift vouchers make the perfect present (and we will be announcing about our sustainable hamper to buy very shortly! but I would also like to tell you about some of the amazing people I know who are in the same boat – let’s not make Mr Bezos any more money this year..

? If you know someone who loves pottery then please check out my friend and neighbour Patti who makes the most exquisite pottery. https://www.pattandpott.com

?Looking for natural and organic skincare ethically and handmade in Oxford then get in touch with Atiqa to hear about their full range of gifts (the body scrub is the best I have ever used! ! https://www.instagram.com/lovesitaarah/

?For creating that Hygge moment – then get in touch with Molly at Littlemore Candle Company. Hand poured, soy free and cruelty free and made in Oxford https://www.littlemorecandleco.co.uk/

?After the first lockdown the first thing I did was book a massage with the wonderful Saida at Oxford HollisticWellbeing. Ayurvedic Holistic Therapist-Facials, Massages, Reflexology & Menopause Reflexology all with organic & vegan products. I bet you know many people who would love a treat like this! ! Can’t remind her highly enough! ! ! https://www.instagram.com/oxfordholisticwellbeing/

?If you haven’t eaten at my favourite restaurant ever in Oxford then I would recommend a drive to the Cowley Road and the always smiling Ben will welcome you! Arbequina are back to doing takeaways Thursday – Saturday from 5pm onwards. Literally the best food I have ever eaten in Oxford… https://www.instagram.com/arbequinaoxford/

?Perhaps you know someone who collects fabulous pieces of art One of the first people I met on the Nuneham Estate was Kathryn Croxson. Her artwork is like her – vibrant, energetic and joyous. She hails from Australia and you can see that in her work – just take a look at her website and you will see what I mean! http://www.kathryncroxson.com

?Don’t go to the supermarket for your fruit and vegetable – use your local greengrocer – they are popping up everywhere now. I use Pickle and Lime on Botley Road in Oxford. It is owned by Joe but Ian is very much the front of house and loves his food. I don’t know anywhere else where you can buy tomatillos and so many local products including olive oil, chillis it is a proper old fashioned shop with a modern day twist! ! Parking outside. https://www.instagram.com/pickle_and_lime/

?If you wanted to help the most amazing friends of mine Marie and Sandra who run Waste to Taste in Cowley – providing free meals to the community who really need them but just don’t have funds (how can this happen in 2020?) then you can donate money to help them continue doing what they are doing. You wouldn’t believe what they create from the simplest of ingredients! https://www.waste2taste.co.uk/

If you know anyone that needs support at this time then please get in touch – we want to help. It is all about community and lots of love within it even if we can’t actually hug anyone at the moment I am sending out a virtual one! Thank you so much for your kind words and support. See you on the other side!

Emma and the team xx