• What better way to start our Food Talks - An Evening with... than with Russell Norman. A leading London restaurateur for the last 20 years he has worked in many of London's landmark restaurants as a waiter, bartender, maître d', general manager and operations director.  He is also an author and contributing editor for Esquire magazine and writes a monthly column as 'The Accidental Cook'. We have planned an evening of fabulous food, wine and chat - food cooked by Russell with a helping hand from Ursula who will also be interviewing Russell - you too will have the chance to ask away.  All the dishes that Russell will prepare have stories behind each connecting them back to Venice.

    Close your eyes and be transported (we all need that right now!)  to the backstreets of Venice - your evening meal will consist of the following dishes along with several ombra glasses of Bisol Prosecco per person (you will be able to purchase extra on the night should you wish!)

    Grilled fennel & white anchovy skewers
    Bigoli in salsa
    Fig, prosciutto & mint crostini
    Broad bean & ricotta bruschetta
    Please note that we are not able to cater for any special dietary requirements on this event. A HUGE thank you to Ben & Ben at Arbequina for letting us use your wonderful space and to Bisol for providing us with the finest Prosecco to go with your meal! This is a first for Oxford and I hope not the last! No need to say book fast to avoid disappointment!!!  See you all on 1st July - we can't wait! x (Unfortunately we can't accept our gift vouchers against this event, thank you.)
  • We are so excited to announce that the very generous folk at Riso Gallo have sponsored this class and have recently launched several new products.  So lucky us, we now have a treasure trove of different rices including some of Italy’s most famous risotto grains plus some mixed grains, and wholegrains, including the trending black rice to work with. Everyone that books this class with us will get all the rice they need sent directly to them by Riso Gallo! Get ready to make dishes you might not have made before! So, who better than Ursula Ferrigno who has created this stunning menu to showcase 5 dishes that maybe you wouldn’t have tried before as well as an exquisite monkfish risotto.   The full menu you will create at home is:
    • Risotto di rana pescatrice - Monkfish risotto
    • Insalata di riso nero con carciofi, pinoli, burrata e un condimento di limone, menta & prezzemolo - Black rice salad with artichoke, pinenuts, burrata & a lemon, mint & parsley dressing
    • Riso al salto - Crispy rice pancake (the image!!)
    • Panzanella ai cereali - Panzanella with grains
    • Tuscan Faro Soup - Zuppa di faro toscana
    • Venetian Rice Cake - Torta Campagnola
    This class is slightly longer than our normal online classes as you can see we have packed in 2 more dishes than normal as Ursula was so keen to show you what can be created with rice – who would have thought a sweet Venezian rice cake?!  
  • With 4 sell out online classes behind her, Ursula is now officially our online teaching expert!!!
    We are slowly making our way around Italy and it's very different regions and now we are heading south to what used to be called the India of Italy - it was so disconnected from the rest of Italy!
    Puglia and it’s food touches the heart in part because Apulians are so incredibly warm and hospitable.  In this special region food is the art of living, giving and there is always a sense of joy when you sit down to eat, the food evokes an ancient past and distant lands.
    Buon Appetito!
    • Involtini di melanzane - Aubergine bundles filled with mint and mozzarella and baked
    • Piccolo peperoni farcita. arrostiti - Pepper quarters baked in wine with capers, mint parsley and cheese
    • Strascinati con pomodoro e basilico - Elongated pasta shells made with dimples from your fingers and it’s a water based pasta as easy as can be and a delectable tomato true sauce with basil
    • Torta  Di mandorle - Rich chocolate and almond cake.  In pursuit of the finest chocolate Torta this might be it!
    We don't need to tell you - book fast to avoid disappointment!!!  Suitable for all levels and we actively encourage younger people to join in too.
  • Due to popular demand (after 5 sell out online classes with Ursula) we have been asked to dedicate a class just to the art of making pasta.  Simple to some - a mind field to others!  You will learn how to make both types of pasta - the traditional egg and 00 flour but also the semolina flour and water version.   This fun hands on class will have you making perfect pasta in just two hours! So if you have tried to make pasta and failed, come and find out why!!! Once you have mastered the art of the perfect ball of pasta dough you will then learn how to make a myriad of different shapes.  I am sure Ursula will squeeze in a quick sauce to go with both types but this class is dedicated to learning the basics - you will finish the class confident to start your pasta  making journey alone - guided by the top tip of Pasta Grannies on YouTube!! Book fast to avoid disappointment!