The food of Sardinia is a reflection of its unique landscape.  From wild and wonderful inland almost desert like uninhabited territories to its crystal clear water along it glorious coastline. Join Ursula who wants to share her love of the food of this island with you.  Feel the influences of both land and sea with the following dishes:
  • Pane Carasau - Sardinian flat bread
  • Insalata pantesca - Caper Salad
  • Fregola sarda con le arselle - Sardinian Fregola with Clams
  • Culingiones di patate - traditional Sardinian potato ravioli with ricotta and mint
  • Seadas - Sardinian honey and cheese pastries
Learn all this and more with stories of her life in Italy that really does bring this class to life in a truly Italian passionate way! The exact location of this venue can be found by clicking this link: