We are all used to cooking with vegetables, but generally view them merely as a necessary, sometimes even boring, accompaniment to meat or fish. Yet what if with the application of a few simple techniques, the humble vegetable could be transformed into the star of the show instead of the supporting act? Take an aubergine, for example. When cooked over an open flame, it magically becomes more than the sum of its parts - smoky, succulent and unctuous. A Jerusalem artichoke roasted in its skin and then lovingly basted in butter blossoms into a gorgeous nutty, luxurious delight. Then there are the parts we routinely waste: carrot tops make a fabulous pesto, fennel fronds are a delightful fresh garnish with a hint of aniseed, and toasted butternut squash seeds add a delicious nutty crunch to a salad. Let’s not forget either the great world cuisines that place vegetables at the heart of any feast, from India through to the Middle East and beyond. The subtle use of spices can elevate any vegetable-based dish to flavoursome new levels. There’s a wealth of ferments, pickles and chutneys that can be whipped up from a diverse range of veggies. In this series of classes, we will create elegant seasonal dishes, showcasing a range of techniques and flavours that will hit all of the flavour bombs - sweet, sour, salty, spicy and umami. Our second class will showcase summer vegetables and dishes will include a selection from:
  • Zaalouk with pan fried halloumi
  • Turkish bread and roasted vegetable salad
  • Courgette and feta bread
  • Fennel and beans romesco
  • Brine pickled vegetables, salted yoghurt, rye crispbreads
  • Broad bean, lemon and spring onion savoury cheesecake
  • Fried duck egg, sweetcorn pancake, pickles and watercress
  • Roasted radishes, sorrel, crispy lentils, buttermilk dressing
This is now a firm favourite for the Jericho Kitchen and a class we expect to run and run - let's make veg the hero!