Having trained in France and traveled extensively around Provence we thought let’s bring you a bit of French Riviera. 
The French Riviera has up to 300 days of sunshine every year, which makes it a great place to grow fresh fruit and vegetables. Combined with the Mistral wind which dries the soil and clears the air—this makes the region a great place to grow wine.
Imagine shopping for your ingredients picking up some local cheese, fresh bread, cooked meats, and olives to compile a little picnic from the daily market in Aix en Provence or visiting the wonderful fish market in Marseille.   Until we can then let Ursula transport you there!   We will be mastering some absolutely classic dishes:
  • Pissaladiere – the famous onion tart from Nice
  • Bouillabaisse with rouille, the ultimate king of all fish dishes from Provençal, the name comes from to boil and to simmer
  • Tarts au citron, another glory of Provençal cooking

We will be tackling the following in this class:

  • Pastry
  • Caramelisation
  • Simple enriched dough
  • The ultimate fish stock
  • Rouille
Suitable for all levels and as always we encourage couples to join too or young ones!! We want everyone to be able to be confident in the kitchen and Ursula is here to guide you.  Book fast as we think this one will be extremely popular as we haven’t held a French class for a long time.