Spain is a food-lover’s dream – packed with old taverns, traditional tapas bars and innovative eateries. So if you’re interested in delving deeper than just eating the food and want to learn how many of Spain’s most famous dishes are prepared, this class is right up your street.

We will be cooking a selection of mouthwatering dishes to get you all into the Spanish way
of eating. Featuring lots of veggies, fish and some meat but also indulging in a sweet treat
to wrap up the meal, here is the menu for the day:

  • Pa amb tomaquet i fuet – The traditional slice of rustic bread rubbed with fresh ripe tomato, well seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and some cured ‘fuet’ sausage on top.
  • Fideus rossos – A traditional fishermen?s dish made with short fideus (noodles) cooked in a very rich seafood stock, served with prawns, squid and a spoonful of home made garlic allioli
  • Escalivada – A salad of roasted aubergine, peppers and onions. Traditionally cooked on an open fire, then skinned, seasoned and allowed to marinade ever so slightly. Can be served on bread with some anchovies or even kippers on top.
  • Crema Catalana amb carquinyolis – Traditional Catalan custard dessert made originally March 19 to celebrate St Joseph’s day and also Father’s Day in most of Spain. It has a lovely crunchy crust of caramelised sugar on top and is normally eaten with some biscuits on the side like Carquinyolis, made with whole almonds and flavoured with anisette.

We haven’t run this class since 2017 and we think. its time to share all these delicious flavours with you all over again!