Another class from the Barn at D’Oyley’s Farm – with your own individual barbecue grill!

The Portuguese proved to be “hungry”  explorers and the food reflects this till today in its diverse use of spices and cooking techniques.

Seafood is integral and not surprisingly the Portuguese consume more fish per capita than many other countries…..rumour has it, they enjoy a little drink too 😉

They left their stamp in many of the countries they once colonised and we will do some justice to this vibrant, wonderful, humble yet sophisticated nations food and culture. Come hungry and ready to have a good time!

  • Grilled Sardines Portugese Style with Sourdough
  • Bolinhos de Baacalhau- salt cod fritters with tomato and red pepper relish
  • Chargrilled Steak with Portugese Salad
  • Ameijoas a Bulhao Pato- clams with wine and herbs

A first for us and one we think will be unforgettable!