Welcome back to Steve Ash of Warborough Honey.  We had one sell out class last year and then you know who came along and we had to stop but we are back!!!

Have you always wanted to learn about how you can start your own hive and ALL the questions associated with making that happen?  Well Steve is your man – so why not come down and join us on the Farm and find out everything you need to know.

Honey Introduction Bees

  • Awareness of all bees and pollinators, not just Honeybees (Apis Mellifera)
  • Overview of Honeybee anatomy, colony life and social structure
  • Year in the life of a typical Honeybee colony


  • History
  • Overviewof modern beekeepingWould bees be better off without us?
  • Honey, harvesting and leaving (more than) enough

What can we do to help Bees and all pollinators?

  • Beefriendly plant recommendations
  • Charities and organisations to work with
  • Further reading and research

As you can see LOTS of information and we also keep you topped up with teas and coffees.  Everyone that came on our last class now has bees – the best recommendation!