We hear more and more about the benefits of good gut health both for your physical and mental health. Everyone of us can benefit from this class.

So let Justine dispel all the myths around this very simple but often overwhelming method of gut health.   It is not difficult just a few basic principles and you are on your way to feeling so much healthier.

Kombucha can be an aid to good digestion. In addition to the beneficial bacteria it also contains enzymes that aid in the breaking down of food.   We will send you the link to where you can buy your starter scoby on booking.  If you live in Oxford then we would be more than happy for you to share from our very own Master Scoby!!!

Water kefir is more of a general probiotic drink, it contains a greater amount of bacteria strains than is found in kombucha.   If you struggle with the milk kefirs then this is the perfect drink for you! We will send you the grains you will need for this on booking.

Oh and LOTS of top tips from the most knowledgeable feral, foraging plant nerd I know (these are her words!!!)

With lots of love and intention… Emma and Justine