Due to popular demand (after 5 sell out online classes with Ursula) we have been asked to dedicate a class just to the art of making pasta.  Simple to some – a mind field to others!  You will learn how to make both types of pasta – the traditional egg and 00 flour but also the semolina flour and water version.   This fun hands on class will have you making perfect pasta in just two hours!

So if you have tried to make pasta and failed, come and find out why!!! Once you have mastered the art of the perfect ball of pasta dough you will then learn how to make a myriad of different shapes.  I am sure Ursula will squeeze in a quick sauce to go with both types but this class is dedicated to learning the basics – you will finish the class confident to start your pasta  making journey alone – guided by the top tip of Pasta Grannies on YouTube!!

Book fast to avoid disappointment!