Traditionally Chinese food is deeply rooted in the Confucian principles of food as high art and the medicinal power of ingredients. In this class our chefs will demonstrate how easy it can be to create healthy yet supremely tasty Chinese dishes which are a world away from anything the local takeaway has to offer.

The holy trinity of Chinese cookery are ginger, garlic and spring onions, and these will be our spring board for a broad spectrum of recipes to produce a delicious Chinese feast.

Dishes may include:

  • Hoisin duck spring rolls, plum sauce
  • Prawn toasts, black vinegar dipping sauce (the most delicious staff lunch ever!)
  • Beef in black bean sauce
  • White cut chicken, pickled chillies, Szechuan dressing
  • Chinese smacked cucumbers – demonstration
  • Egg fried rice, xo crumb – demonstration

So please come and join us to celebrate the Chinese New Year, Sarah-style!

The exact location of this venue can be found by clicking this link: