A first for us and hopefully the start of many more classes teaching traditional crafts that we don’t want to disappear in this country.

All you will need for this class is a pair of scissors and a towel (this keeps the materials moist during the class!) – we provide you with everything else, including endless cups of tea/coffee and soft drinks!

Kim always offer participation for free for one person in each class who is in care (due to age or disability) and their carer, because foraging is such a healing activity – so if you know anyone that would benefit from this offer please do let them or us know!

We are going to give everyone that books their very awl to continue their crafting future after the class (if you would like!!)

Learn how to weave baskets using a range of native materials that can be picked in the British countryside. In one class you’ll be given the skills you need to make simple baskets any where and any time. Next time you suddenly find a glut of wild strawberries, you can weave a basket on the spot and carry them home!

The basket weaving process is meditative, as your hands work your mind relaxes. Working with the native materials is rewarding, and also means that you can find all the materials you need to continue weaving around you in the countryside for free. We’ll be learning twining and coiling techniques that are easy to learn and remember.


What better way to spend an afternoon on the farm!!