Buried deep in the heart of the slow food movement lies a culinary gem – fermentation. In Asian countries it has long been known that fermented foods have a profound influence on gastronomy and well-being.

Now the West has woken up to the wonderful world of fermented foods, kimchi, kefir and kombucha are now bywords for great gut health and funky flavours.

Prepare to have your tastebuds tingling as we explore the world of cultured condiments, lactic fermentation, sourdough starters and fermented batters illustrated by a combination of demonstrations and hands-on preparations.

Working in pairs, you will create a selection of ferments that may include:

  • Kombucha
  • Sourdough starters and their uses (take home some of chef’s infamous starter “Bubbles de Vere”)
  • Fermented vegetables and condiments
  • Fermented batters – dosas, blinis, farinata
  • Fruit ferments

Everyone needs to learn more about this simple yet utterly beneficial way of helping your gut at a fraction of the cost that you will pay in supermarkets.

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