After 2020 we think everyone deserves a boost especially our immune system! ! Justine (our resident herbalist and forager) is at hand to do just that.

We hear more and about the benefits of good gut health both for your physical and mental health. Everyone of us can benefit from this class.

It is not difficult just a few basic principles and you are on your way to feeling so much healthier.  Fermenting foods is also an ancient way of preserving and enriching foods.

During the class, we will delve into the world of fermentation, and you will learn how to get started with fermenting at home. The following techniques will be explored after a foraging journey in the Oxfordshire countryside with Justine:

  • Seasonal fermented vegetables
  • Pickling and preserving
  • Making Kombucha with your own foraged flavours

We will provide you with several kilner jars to take away your fermented seasonal vegetables and your own scoby starter for continuing your kombucha making journey!

The class will be a mixture of demonstration and hands on with lots of tips, talking and tasting – a must have to yourself or someone you know who needs a boost! !