Emily Jonzen is a Leiths trained cook, recipe writer, food stylist and culinary teacher with over 15 years of experience working for leading publishing houses, magazines and the biggest companies in the food and media industry.

Emily has written three Self Titled cookbooks and ghost-written for several high-profile clients. She has taught food styling courses at Leiths, as well as baking classes at Shermay’s Cookery School in Singapore. Emily regularly writes recipes and food styles for Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Ocado Life, Sainsbury’s Magazine and Tesco online, amongst others. Passionate about cookery and food media, she loves passing on skills to others wanting to get into the industry.

This full day course covers the basic food styling skills and teaches you how to set up shots to make the food look as appetising as possible.  Emily will demonstrate several dishes such as a seasonal salad, a bowl of pasta, a burger and a cake/dessert.  You will then make your own dishes and shoot them, with assistance from Emily as she teaches you the tricks of the trade as you go.  You will also learn about the kit needed for editorial shoots.

During the class, Emily will demonstrate veg and fruit prep to make dishes look as appealing to the eye as possible. For example, slicing a red onion lengthways into crescent shapes, as opposed to crossways, looks so much better on camera, and you learn good basic knife skills at the same time.  You will be given tips on reducing waste and getting the most out of your ingredients.

Food styling isn’t just about making food look good; it’s about making delicious food as visually appealing as possible!

The location for this class is the Miele Experience Centre, Abingdon: