Foraging is a hot topic recently for all the right reasons!  It’s the perfect way to get outside in the fresh air, connect with nature, (and people again!) top up your Vitamin D levels and learn how to find your own food sustainably.

Kim grew up in rural Norway and he has been foraging from a very early age.  He has a complete joy and passion for teaching people all about this wonderful health benefit!  This class will be fun and relaxed – it is guaranteed you will leave smiling!!!

Kim always offer participation for free for one person in each class who is in care (due to age or disability) and their carer, because foraging is such a healing activity – so if you know anyone that would benefit from this offer please do let them or us know!

This is a beginner’s course that aims to give the novice forager a thorough insight into the safest and most widespread food plants.

The course will take the form of a guided walk where we will pick and identify different wild food plants. You will be taught how to identify the plants, how they are prepared and used in the kitchen, as well as their nutrition.

We will also look at some of the poisonous plants that every forager should be aware of. We will also cover foraging safety (where to forage safely without fear of pollutants or parasites).

Book fast to avoid disappointment – these classes flew out last year!!!  We can’t wait to see you all again….