Exactly one year ago I read a book called Honey from a Weed by Patience Gray – it kept me sane during the second lockdown and inspired me to think very carefully about my food and where it came from. It also made me appreciate that the simplest things were often the best.  Looking forward to a fruit or vegetable as it came into season.

To celebrate this enlightening book and to showcase how the cookery school is moving forward going into 2022 we are holding our first Feasting Table event.  We hope that this will be a monthly event with different chefs but the same premise.  Come down, watch the chef, ask questions and eat a top quality meal with matching wines for just £35 per person.

Join Ursula Ferrigno for our nod to all things food in January.  THIS IS NOT A COOKERY CLASS!  This is a chance to come down and watch Ursula create your feasting late lunch.  Everyone will be able to watch and ask questions and then enjoy a 5 course meal served to you (with wine!).

Oh and the best thing about this event…. there is no menu planned!  It will be vegetarian but we are going to do something completely new for Oxford… we will plan the menu on the morning based on the fruit and vegetables we find that are as fresh as they possibly can be from just 10 minutes from where there will be cooked!

So go for a long walk around the village in Stadhampton and work up an appetite for something very special!

Trust us to provide you everything that January has to offer with a twist!  So are you going to join us?  We hope so!  Merry Christmas to you and yours and here’s to lighter days and everything nature has to offer you in terms of taste and benefits to your health too!