The love of snacks, or “bitings” as they are commonly known, is deeply embedded in the Indian psyche. Essentially street food has its roots in home cooking and speaks of the real culture of the country.

Street food cooks turn out fresh tasty food at lightning speed to satisfy the queues of customers at their roadside markets and stalls. In this class you will experience the thrill of creating a variety of delicious “bitings” with our modern take on Indian street food.

Working in pairs, you will conjure up dishes that may include:

  • Lamb sheekh “naanwich”
  • Samosa chaat
  • Tandoori paneer skewers with pickling spices, chilli and yoghurt
  • Batata vada – savoury potato truffles
  • Chaat masala raitha

This class is an absolute must for those of you who love Indian food and it is suitable for all levels.

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