Everyone wants to chop like a pro and once you know how, you’ll not only enjoy chopping and cutting but will you will save so much time in the kitchen. You’ll want to show off your newfound skills! On this very hands on masterclass you’ll learn many hints, tips and tricks that chefs learn over many years in the kitchen. You’ll also discover:

  • What’s the best knife for you?
  • How do you use, handle and look after your knife safely and efficiently?
  • What and why are there so many different knives?
  • What knives do I need?
  • How do I keep my knives sharp?
  • How to chop an onion like a profession chef!

Learn the main cuts and the several cutting terms used and we’ll turn them into a fantastic feast for you to enjoy at the end of the class! A double bonus! Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch?  For lunch in this class we are going Mexican!  You will be preparing and eating:

  • Heuvenos Rancheros
  • Vegetable Enchiladas with guacamole, refried beans, jalapenos and chive sour cream
  • Roast aubergine with chilli
  • Spiced Apple Tart

You are more than welcome to bring your own knives but we will provide you with a knife for the session!