Affectionately known as “a shrimp between two whales”, Korean food has often been overshadowed by its mighty neighbours, Japan and China. However in recent years there has been a huge upsurge of interest in Korean food, and it’s easy to see why.

Taking influences from China, Japan and even America, Korean cooks shape their own interpretations using indigenous ingredients. Fermented foods such as kimchi form the backbone of Korean cuisine but let’s not forget sticky fried chicken, melt in the mouth ribs and the national rice dish- bibimbap.

All of them undeniably finger licking good.  Dishes may include:

  • Beef bibimbap, assorted toppings, spicy gochugang sauce
  • Quick kimchi
  • Kimchi fried rice- demonstration
  • Korean fried chicken
  • Mandu- Korean dumplings
  • Gochujang ssamjang- spicy dipping sauce (demonstration)

Suitable for all levels.

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