At the heart of Lebanese food lies the subtle use of spices. Whether it’s the warming notes of baharat, the citrus spike of sumac or the gentle fruity warmth of Aleppo pepper, this cuisine is designed to excite the palate.

Utilising fresh ingredients, masses of herbs and core ingredients such as pulses, rice and breads- Lebanese food perfectly strikes a balance between meat and vegetarian dishes, flavours and textures.

Working in pairs you will make a selection of dishes from the following recipes:-

  • Hummus balila – rustic and coarse textured this hummus is served warm
  • Shish taouk – marinated and grilled chicken skewers with our secret taouk spice blend
  • Za’atar manakish – Lebanese flatbreads
  • Marinated labneh – demonstration by teacher
  • Batata hara- spicy potatoes in coriander sauce
  • Mujadara – rice and lentil dish garnished with crispy fried onions
  • Aleppo cous cous – demonstration by teacher

Suitable for all levels.

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