Seasoning is so much more than a sprinkling of salt and a quick couple of grinds of a pepper mill… seasoning is the subtle art to intensifying the inherent flavour & characteristics of an ingredient. Spices are the gateway to mastering this artform with a plethora of flavour & textures from the tame and serene to the flamboyant & aggressive.

Spices should never be banished to the dark recesses of a kitchen to only see the light of day periodically, but to be enjoyed every day! Taking the simplest of ingredients and elevating them to new dizzy heights of flavour & texture!

To begin with a ‘spice smelling’ of the twelve more commonly used spices, delving into their individual flavour characteristics before looking at how to get the most out of your spice to suit what you are cooking.

Then a closer look at how to spice. The complex & straightforward relationship between Time, Temperature & Surface Area, how these factors work together to influence the finished product.

Now the magic of mixing & seasoning sorcery begins with some classic blends before creating your own, putting everything together with some practical examples to eat, drink, share and even take home for the festive period.

Practical / Fun Stuff
Practice makes perfect and what better way to practice than by using a few seasonal British greats and reimagining them with spices! Exploring time, temperature & surface area by getting hands on, blending some quick pickling, marinating, ‘instant hit’ frying & even a condiment.

It’s not just food that spices work their magic on but drinks too, after all the king of botanicals is a firm favourite for many… maybe with a tonic! There will be the opportunity to add a personal touch to gin too… to take home of course!