A very warm welcome to Sally Codling who also works at the Gordon Ramsay Cookery School so you are in very capable hands.

The food of Middle East is always an assault on the senses & these vegetarian recipes won’t disappoint. Using all the favourite spices such as sumac, za’tar and, of course, throwing pomegranate molasses & rose water into the mix!

To finish, you will create a beautiful silky dessert which flavours instantly take me to a rose petal market stall in the medina in Istanbul.

  • Syrian baba ganoush
  • Pomegranate & fresh herb tablouleh
  • Lamb kofta with green tahini and chopped mint, coriander, flat leaf parsley & cucumber salad
  • Spiced roasted beetroot with chickpeas & sumac yoghurt
  • Mahalabia – a traditional Middle Eastern pudding made with thickened milk & cream, flavoured with rose water & topped with chopped caramelised pistachios.

Suitable for all levels and age groups.

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