From Katsu Sando to Yakitori, a new wave of diverse Japanese dishes are growing in popularity in the UK. The blend of tradition and modernity, fresh flavours and richly fried treats gives Japanese cuisine it’s quirky identity and always promises to pack a flavour punch.

Professional chef and self-professed Japanophile, Cat Rochefort promises to take you on a deep dive into some popular Japanese dishes, offering tips, tricks and info on the origins of these tasty recipes.

Dishes may include:

  • Chicken thigh and spring onion yakitori
  • Pork and cabbage gyoza hane with rayu dipping sauce
  • Tempura with ponzu dipping sauce
  • Katsu sando with shredded cabbage and tonkatsu sauce and Japanese pickles
  • Japanese jiggly cheesecake

From how to achieve the crispiest gyoza to how to nail a tempura batter, this class is bursting with skills to get you cooking Japanese food like a pro.

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