Spain is a wonderful blend of cultural influences but none more ever present in food than the Arab.

The Arabs occupied seventy per cent of Spain for 800 years and the array of ingredients and cooking methods they left are endless.

Today we will bring some Moorish cuisine to our table and enjoy old foods in more modern ways.  Learn how to recreate the following dishes:

  • Berenjenas rellenas de queso y almendra – Aubergines with cheese and almond stuffing
  • Escabeche de caballa – Mackerel escabeche
  • Pollo frito con granada y membrillo – Fried chicken with quince and pomegranate
  •  Arroz con leche y miel – Honey rice pudding

As always with Carolina she will shower you with endless top tips to help you in the kitchen.  Enjoy your gorgeously home-cooked with new friends – Spanish style!