Rome a city of history, charm and home of Italy’s most scrumptious food.  Join me as I am keen to share Roman delights – some of the most celebrated flavourful dishes.

Imagine you are on a roof terrace soaking up the boisterous atmosphere  – we will have fun learning new skills and supper will be within reach!

  • Stracciatella – Roman egg drop soup
  • The real pizza Bianca
  • Vignarola – spring stew of peas, broad bean, artichoke & potatoes
  • Brutte ma buona – Hazelnut and citrus mini meringues

We will send you a full shopping and equipment lists the week before you class. Just so you know the shopping list that we will send you for this class, is for 4 people, so you can adapt it to the number of people you are cooking for. We have calculated the food costs will be approximately £15 for 2 people so excellent value too!

Ursula’s classes have been selling out fast for good reason!  Book fast to avoid disappointment.