There are few more satisfying dishes for the winter ​time than risotto and gnocchi.  Nothing like the supermarket versions that you might have tasted.  Let Ursula guide you effortlessly to make the lightest gnocchi and the most unctuous risotto.   Once you have mastered the basic principles then you are free to experiment with all the different flavours available to you.

Using all the delicious seasonal ingredients available to us in November we will be making the following dishes.  Not only the traditional gnocchi but also two versions you might not have tried before

  •  the lightest fried gnocchi – gnocco fritto (served with salami or Parmesan – delicious!)
  •  Ricotta gnocchi – tondore – not a potato in sight!!
  •  Arancini di riso (the perfect way to use up left over rice and next day!)
  •  Porcini risotto
  • The perfect vegetable stock

Coating those gorgeous gnocchi will be a simple sage and butter sauce or an Italian sausage and fennel sauce…  even sitting here in the heat of summer I am feeling hungry thinking about this menu!

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