After nearly 4 years this sushi class is still one of our most popular classes!!!  Yukiko is on a mission to tell everyone that sushi isn’t just salmon and avocado – learn the history and top tips about sushi and how to make it seamlessly.

In this class you will be learning how to make sushi 3 ways!

  • Futomaki
  • Hosomaki
  • Uramaki (inside out!) rolls.

This is the perfect class to learn the techniques and then have the confidence to go home and make your own at a fraction of the price of shop sushi and also oh so much more tasty.

Finish off with an authentic green tea and ask Yukiko as many questions as you possible can, and people do!   From the amount of photos we get back from people showing how successful they are at making sushi afterwards we know this class works.

We know that this class is straight after work for some people and you might be hungry but don’t worry you can eat your first round to keep you going and take the rest home for lunch the next day – win, win!!!

This class is held at St. Andrew’s Church, Linton Road, Oxford OX2 6UG.