Our last Complete Beginners Cookery Class with a sell out – and for good reason!  You will walk away with a mind field of information and a newly acquired confidence in the kitchen – but more than that you will feel inspired and want to go home and recreate so easily what Carolina has taught you!

This class is jammed packed with top tips and will give you the basic foundation and understanding of what to do at home and how to bring what you have learned alive in your own kitchen!   This will include knife skills, different types of food preparation, understanding your ingredients and how to make flavours work.

The recipes you will be preparing will be:

  • Seasonal minestrone (knife skills galore, basic vegetable stock, seasonal produce, etc) with pesto and other versatile sauces.
  • Meatballs in tomato sauce with pilaf rice (cooking of rice, easy dishes with ingredients that can be used in many others by simply tweaking a couple of things, easy sauce making.
  • The most perfect fail-safe bread rolls!
  • Roast mixed vegetables (roasting, learning to use the oven)
  • Basic Victoria sponge (cake making using creaming method) with poached and roasted seasonal fruit.
  • Scones and shortbread
  • To finish – how to make easy chocolate truffles (a show off for friends and family!)

Don’t worry we will give you a break for lunch and there will be refreshments available throughout the day.

We want to dispel the myth that cooking is complicated and as Julia Child’s famously said “The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.”   This class is going to fun so come and join us to catch the cooking bug!!