Bread is important throughout Italy and in Sicily it is sacrosanct!  The English word ‘company’ comes from the Latin ‘con pane’ meaning ‘with bread’.  Making bread with friends and family is one of the fundamental needs and pleasures in life, giving nourishment to both body and soul.

So why is this very basic of foods so expensive in England?! Why – because so many of us find bread tricky and think we don’t have time to make it – well we are going to dispel that myth in this hands on, informative class.

Learn every technique you need to make the perfect breads and don’t worry the class doesn’t end here – we are here for your journey moving forward – just email or call us to get any bread making problem answered straight away!

Lots of hands-on dough time learning how to shape and mould.

You will be learning how make the following breads (both sweet and savoury!):

  • Sardinian Carta Di Musica
  • Lumachelle (the photo!!) famous around the magnificent hilltop town of Orvieto in Umbria
  • Pignola sweet orange and hazelnut breakfast bread
  • The ultimate Foccacia from Liguria
  • Panini Di patate – potato bread rolls

We will provide you with  a lovely lunch, refreshments and some wonderful local wine!  Book fast to avoid disappointment!