Impress your friends and family by learning how to create a stunning thali banquet. Typically a classic thali would include a vegetable dish, something crunchy (think pakoras/onion bhajis), a daal, a curry, bread, rice and a pickle or chutney.

This makes a thali both a great introduction to Indian cuisine and an exciting way to experience a variety of tastes and textures all in one go. Forget the boring old dinner parties and learn how to cook a magnificent thali for your guests.

Working in groups, you will create a stunning banquet that may include the following dishes:

  • Spicy cauliflower with chilli and tomato
  • Pan-fried paneer in cashew sauce
  • Spiced vegetable pakoras
  • Tomato and garlic daal
  • Naan bread
  • Apricot pilaf rice
  • Coriander and mint chutney

This class is an absolute must if you love Indian vegetarian food and suitable for all levels. We will also give you information as to where you can buy all the spices necessary to recreate all these dishes at home with ease.

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