Over recent years the street food scene has exploded and it’s not hard to see why- delicious flavours from all over the globe expertly condensed to be devoured easily on the hoof. If you’re an experienced traveller you will already know that one of the best parts of experiencing any city’s culture is unpacking what ingredients make up the food.

With this in mind we have together some of the best grab-and-go street food recipes from around the world to help you to recreate the flavours you have loved on your travels. Let your taste buds do the travelling from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Dishes may include:

  • Katsu chicken burger with Asian slaw
  • Peruvian anticuchos, aji verde sauce
  • Santorini tomato fritters, dill and lemon yoghurt
  • Falafel, lemon tahini, pickled red cabbage
  • Vietnamese prawn cakes, peanut chilli sauce
  • Spanakopita- spinach and feta filo pastries

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